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Home Office

Effectivity ?

Productivity ?

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Home office effectiveness

Tool for guidance and optimization
of the IT department

Analyses from the developer
and project perspective

Metrics like work impact,
productivity, profitability and others

Free for at least 4 months in
exchange for your feedback


What needs to be done?

  1. Contact us via phone or email - we will get back to you with additional information and will be ready to answer your questions. We will sign an NDA and a simple contract online. The contract does not oblige you to start paying at any time and no payment card registration is required.
  2. We will send you further information regarding required cooperation in order to make Bear Inspector ready for you.
  3. We will need an initial username that you will use to login to BI and access to GIT repositories and list of repositories that should be analyzed.


We are a startup and we want to help companies that currently have employees on home offices

We are doing this for free - Bear Inspector will help you and you will help us by providing feedback

If you like us, you may always help us by contributing to Bear Inspector running expenses!

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