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How do you realize your IT projects?

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About BI

Bear Inspector is an innovative tool for managing IT projects. A modern approach to friction-less management of your IT department. No more black boxes that cost a lot of money. With BI you can:

Check on performance of your development teams

Run code-quality tests

Assess the effectivity of communication

How does BI work?

1. BearInspector collects data from source code repositories and other sources and computes metrics, trends and statistics (including machine learning algorithms).

2. BI converts everything into easy to understand charts and insights which help spot inefficiencies in terms of volume and quality of work.

3. It saves money by optimizing and monitoring performance on a long term basis calculating and showing the real costs of monitored IT projects.

Check on your project on the go with the mobile app
An example of the Developers module

How can you work with BI?

Project Overview Module: Gives you an overview of all monitored projects and the performance in each in a helicopter view

Project Analysis Module: Lets you dig a bit deeper to the analysis of what is happening on the project in terms of impact, commits, test coverage and code quality issues

Developers Analysis Module: This page is dedicated to an analysis of single developers' performance in terms of impact and its parts (new code, helping others, refactoring and code updates)

Bear Inspector use cases

Foresee project issues

Intervene before problems get unmanageable.

Supervise your vendors

Aim for predictability, quality and transparency.

Assess accurately

Don’t judge by feelings only, but deliver objectivity.

Know what you pay for

Spend your budget wisely and effectively.

Our precise graphs will do the work for you

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We are currently developing an MVP with launch date in February 2020. We are in the phase of onboarding pilot customers. The pricing is package based depending on the number of developers in the organization. We are happy to discuss all the pricing options with you in person. Just give us a call.

The team

Bear Inspector is developed by a team of senior developers experienced with python, machine learning and react technologies.

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